The department has modest laboratory facilities for petrography, geochemistry, geotechnical engineering, cartography, remote sensing and GIS, palaeontology and simulation lab for petroleum and groundwater. All classrooms are equipped modern facilities including wifi access, whiteboard, and projection system. There is an auditorium cum lecture theatre in the department equipped with surround sound systems and 3-D projection with a capacity of 100 audiences. Standard field equipments including geological hammer, survey apparatus, clinometer, Brunton pocket transit, hand GPS, range finder, altimeter, binocular, etc. are available for students for their compulsory fieldwork course. Departmental library has a modest collection of books, journals, geological and topographic maps, aerial photographs and satellite imageries. The library provides reading facility to the students. The geological museum of the department has quite a large collection of fossils, minerals, rocks, geological models, maps and charts. It is used as a teaching laboratory for Mineralogy, Crystallography, Petrology, Paleontology and Structural Geology courses. Department also provides a number of scholarships and awards to students with excellent academic records and economic hardships.