Research Areas

  • Application of Satellite Remote Sensing in various fields of Earth Science.

Monitoring and assessment of Geohazards (Landslide, river erosion-accretion, coastal erosion-accretion)

  • Identification of Geo-resources (Petroleum, Water and Mineral)

  • Anthropogenic hazards (Landuse-landcover changes, Drought, Desertification, Urban Heat Islands, Surface water pollution, Changes of Soil moisture and evapotranspiration)

  • Application of Photogrammetry and RADAR imagery in Geosciences

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Generation, Ground Deformation/Subsidence mapping and monitoring

  • Application of GIS in Geosciences

  • Mapping the earth’s surface features and changes over time

  • Offer guidance for natural resource management

  • Geo-environmental impact and vulnerability analysis (model based).

  • Geohazards management and mitigation.

Current Research Projects

Selected Publications

Some Examples